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Managed IT Solutions | Simple ITsolutionSimple ITsolution

Managed IT Solutions



It goes without saying that system management of your PC and server also play an important role
in business operation. That is why Simple IT Solutions provides technical support for personal
computers, connected devices and peripherals, helpdesk support, and software applications, to
take care of every single detail for our customers. Our tech team has the right combination of
skills, knowledge and tools to provide all computer maintenance and repair services for home and




Our computer maintenance and repair services for home PCs and laptops include:

  • System optimization
  • System backup
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Laptop repair services







For businesses, we provide the following suite of Managed IT solutions:


    • Desktop, Server Administration:
      •  System Optimization
      • System Backup
      • Virus and Spyware Removal
      • Laptop Repair Services
      • Windows 7 deployment
    • AD integration and support
    • Server Management and Monitoring


 Desktop and Devices Management


Application Monitoring


  • Patch Management
  • License Management
  • Policy Compliance
  • Helpdesk Support


Email Management


  • Email Server Management
  • Pop Mail Administration
  • Mailbox Capacity Management
  • Auto-responders Setup
  • Personalized Email Settings Administration


Supported by an experienced team of highly skilled, certified technicians in various technologies likeNetwork Systems, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle RDBMS, Enterprise Backup , Information Security , Server Virtualization etc., we can provide a unique and high quality on-site/remote support service and solution to our customers.

Request Remote Support

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